Disney Files Patent for Eye-Tracking as Way of Improving the Guest Experience

Disney Patent

Though it may seem like the stuff of science fiction, reports are surfacing the Disney has filed for a patent that would allow them to measure a visitor’s gaze.  This would help Disney to determine where visitors tend to look during rides, attractions and performances.  This knowledge could help Disney make adjustments that would enhance the user experience particularly when it comes to things like animatronics.

The technology that is being patented is a computer program that has been designed to pinpoint where a group of guests are gazing by focusing on the whites of their eyes.  According to the patent:

“By tracking the gaze of a participant, a computing system may direct various animatronics, automated objects or the like to interact with the participant.  For example, a computing system within a theme park may direct an animatronic character from a movie to make a noise if a participant is looking at that animatronic character.”

This is leading Disney insiders to speculate that this new technology will be used to enhance the lifelike qualities of the Na’vi when Pandora: The World of Avatar opens next year. The patent also suggests that the technology could be used on larger crowds during things like sporting events.  By tracking the gaze of an audience, cameras filming the game could determine what is of most interest and focus on filming in those areas.  Disney also mentioned that they may use this to track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

This is the second major patent filed by Disney this year.  The first was to get permission to utilize drone technology which can be seen for the first time in the “Starbright Holidays: An Intel Collaboration” which will be wowing guests at Disney Springs through the end of December.

So what do you think about this proposed bit of technology? Is it a neat enhancement or a bit too Big Brother?

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