Disney Fan Reanimates Live-Action ‘The Lion King’ Characters to Look More Like the Original Film

Disney Fan Reanimates Live-Action ‘The Lion King’ Characters to Look More Like the Original Film. In a collaborative effort between artists and animators, DesignByFEO, Jonty, and Ellejart, the group applied the 2D-animation style of The Lion King characters from the original film over the more realistic renderings in the remade live-action The Lion King for some incredible fan made artwork.

The reimagined characters have been taking the internet by storm, but some fans are divided on applying the old animation style to the 3D renderings or if Disney’s new take on the characters was the right fit for the film.

Artist, Ellejart, posted this side-by-side video to their Instagram account where it has now gone viral online. They also uploaded a video to YouTube, which you can view at the bottom of the article.

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Attention!!! All existing fees (gofundme.com and other) for the creation of the deepfake of the Lion King are not agreed with me. So do not risk spending your money for anything. I did not ask to raise money. So I warned. If this project is really implemented, then we ourselves will organize everything. . They Started to Move!!! . @jonty_pressinger X @ellejart . Thank you for the amazing animation 🙏 Hey guys, do you also want to watch this Fan-Made in the movie?🦁🎥 . . . #thelionking #simba #nala #timon #pumbaa #scar #lionking #animation #fanmade #fanart #collaboration #disneystudios

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Together, DesignByFEO and Ellejart worked on the film posters showing both animation styles in the featured photo. You can check out these amazing side-by-side stills of Jonty + Ellejart’s incredible work bringing the original animation style of The Lion King to life in 3D.

Just look at these adorable little Simba’s. They are both equally as cute in our eyes!

Scar looks even more menacing with the traditional black main and piercing yellow eyes, but his more realistic counterpart looks a tad more innocent than the original tale let on.

Okay, okay, in this comparison ‘reanimated’ Simba looks MUCH more regretful tan the lifelike rendering.

The difference in these is slightly less noticeable and Scar looks rather intimidating in both images, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t laugh out loud at the extra hyena grin in the rendering on the bottom.

Always my favorite comic relief duo, Timon and Pumbaa stole the show in both films, but this scene would have been 100 times funnier in the live-action with the more original character concepts.

One of the pushing points for fans who wish the original character designs had been more incorporated into the live-action film is that this form of animation allowed for more emotion to be shown by the characters with more than just their ‘voices’. I mean, you can just SEE the difference on Nala’s face.

And Simba’s too.

You can see the images “in action” in a remade trailer for The Lion King now viewable on YouTube that shows a side-by-side comparison of the two animation styles. Check it out and be sure to check out more of the incredible work by Ellejart!

What do you think of the reimagined characters? Do you feel Disney should have stuck closer to the original character concepts? Or did you prefer the more realistic renderings? Maybe you feel Disney should have never remade The Lion King? Let us know what you think in the comments! We would love to hear your opinion.

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Photo Credit: Disney/DesignByFEO/Jonty/Ellejart

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