Disney Dreamers Academy to host virtual event for 2020


The Disney Dreamers Academy will take place virtually this fall. This immersive experience helps prepare aspiring individuals for their careers. Also, the academy offers career shadow externships for all 100 members of the class for the first time in history.

The virtual experience will deliver life lessons and tools such as effective communication techniques, leadership skills and networking strategies. This version of the program will do so with self-paced workshops and nteractive video-conferencing sessions. Of course, the Disney Dreamers Academy holds networking opportunities and more led by top speakers and industry professionals.

Following the virtual experience, all 100 students will be placed into career shadowing externships based on their dream professions so they can receive personal insight and advice from mentors.

The original 2020 Disney Dreamers Academy program was cut short earlier this year due to the temporary closure of Walt Disney World Resort.

Disney worked to create something extra special for these outstanding high school students. The company expects to deliver an immersive, informative and inspirational experience for its students.

The program is part of Walt Disney World’s commitment to helping the next generation of young people. Their objective is to inspire young adults at a critical time in their development. The Disney Dreamers Academy theme is “Be100,” encouraging teens to be positive, to be “all in” and to carry what they learn back with them so they can relentlessly pursue their dreams and make a difference in the lives of others.

Source: DisneyDreamersAcademy.com

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Kevin Koszola