Disney Cruise Line sued over amputated thumb

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Disney Dream at Sea

Disney is facing a lawsuit claiming a passenger on one of their cruise ships thumb was cut off by a cabin door. The passenger, Marco Fidel Castro filed a lawsuit in Orlando Federal Court which says he suffered amputation on or about April 26th.

The accident took place on a cruise which left from Miami where Castro and his family were passengers. Castro is a citizen and resident of Columbia, his age is unknown. It is alleged that as the family was preparing for dinner, which was the “Captain’s Dinner”, Castro was in the hallway with his thumb in the doorway as his wife held the door with her foot.  She moved her foot away and the door slammed closed amputating the thumb.  Castro then went to the infirmary on the ship with the thumb where the nurse bandaged his hand and put his thumb on ice. The next day he went to see a doctor at the port of call however an expert was not available. He was not able to see a doctor until the follow day in Puerto Rico where he was told there was nothing that could be done, it had been too long.

Castro has filed a lawsuit against Disney Cruise Line alleging negligence and breach of duty. ‘

The lawsuit claims:

  • Failure to maintain cruise cabin doors in a safe manner.
  • Failure to warn people of the dangers associated with cabin doors.
  • Failure to provide timely and adequate medical care.
  • Failure to provide safety devices on the hinges of the cabin doors.

Specific details of the suit have not been released and unspecified damages

The lawsuit seeks undisclosed damaged for medical and other care.

Disney Cruise Line’s office has not responded as of yet, this is an ongoing investigation.