Disney Cracking Down on Baby Yoda Merchandise from Other Sources

Say it ain’t so! It might become a little harder to get your custom Baby Yoda Merchandise. Disney has been putting a squash on sources like Etsy selling The Child Merchandise. Everyone just wants their hands on some Baby Yoda gear! It took Disney a little while to get all their Baby Yoda merch together and on shelves, it is still slowly rolling out now. Meanwhile, people wanted all things Baby Yoda. Disney will be having a line out this March 2020.  Outlets such as Etsy caught on quickly and started mass producing The Child stuffed animals, shirts, socks, ears, etc. So much so that Disney is now having those sites take down their products.

Disney doesn’t always do this but with the sensation that Baby Yoda is and the potential profit from him already proving to be massive, they are sending notices and having Etsy remove products that are trying to copy the likeness of the cutest creation dare I say possibly ever. This has messed up orders for some and cancelled orders for others. Some vendors are trying to find unique ways to get around it, and still able to produce items in his likeness, for now. Build-A-Bear has partnered with Disney and just announced they are coming out with a Baby Yoda, so you will still be able to get your plushy plushy. Target also has pre-orders starting for their Disney official Baby Yoda merchandise. “This is the way.” -Disney

While we are all waiting around for fall 2020 to come so we can have another season of The Mandalorian to gush over Baby Yoda about, stay connected with Chip and Co so we can keep you informed on any new Baby Yoda Merchandise that Disney officially rolls out with.

Source: Buisness Insider

Photos Courtest: Disney

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