Disney Confidential: Mermaids Appearing in Pirates of the Caribbean Ride?

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So, I have got an interesting rumor for you. But based on what I’m reading, it seems like it’s going to turn out to be true…If it’s not, oops!

There have been reports floating around that mermaids from the latest POTC film have been added to the attraction at Disneyland. The ride is currently undergoing a major refurbishment and it’s been down for a little while. It should be opening up in the next few weeks or so. I’m not quite sure where the mermaids would be placed, but I can guess that it would be in the scene featuring Barbossa and his crew attacking the Spaniards. (You know, the thing with the cannons and fog.)

I’ve been seeing this rumor all over Twitter, including the @DisneylandLive account, who said his source for this type of thing has never been wrong.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what’s true once the attraction reopens. Hopefully these new mermaids, if added, aren’t too scary, or else the kiddos might think Ariel is going to try to eat them! (The truth is, Chip will try to eat ’em. He’s secretly the Chupacabra.)

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One thought on “Disney Confidential: Mermaids Appearing in Pirates of the Caribbean Ride?

  1. At the entrance is a sandy area where they could put the mermaids. As you walk the line to get on the ride you would see mermaids. After the drops there is another sandy area where a skeleton is at that has a sword in its chest, perfect for sunbathing mermaids. In the fight scene one could install a fake rock with a mermaid or have mermaids bobbing around. If Disney wants mermaids on that ride they will put mermaids in that ride.

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