Disney Confidential – Disney’s Wizard of Oz – Robert is out Johnny is in!

Hey there guys and gals, Anonymouse here serving up some of the best Disney Gossip this side of Walt Disney World.

It looks like Robert Downey Jr won’t be following the Yellow Brick Road in Disney’s Wizard of Oz prequel project, Oz, the Great and Powerful.

With Downey bowing out Disney has their eyes set on leading man Johnny Deep to step into the role.Don’t ask me how this will be possible considering JD is still working on Pirates of the Caribbean 4, possibly staring in Pirates 5, The Lone Ranger and a Warner Brothers Film Dark Shadows.

I will tell you what that dude gets around, and I can see why..RAWR!

The script for OZ is all finished and director Sam Raimi is ready to get to work. It will be interesting to see the juggling act Disney will do with these movies in the next year.

On a side note Disney if your hiring people for the Lollipop Guild I hear Chip is pretty short.. Haha!

Well that is all the time I have for today! Later Gators!

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