Is Disney closing Tomorrowland Speedway?


Hey there guys and gals it is I Anonymouse back with some Disney World Gossip!

It seems there is talk that Disney might be closing down Tomorrowland Speedway at Walt Disney World… The ride is being demolished at Disneyland Hong Kong and Tokyo with possibly closings in Disneyland Paris as well. So does that mean Disney World in Florida and Disneyland California are next?

I for one would love to see an update to the rides. You have 2 or 3 Disney brands you could bring in for an update. Cars, Wreck it Ralph and even Tron.

Last time I was at Disney World there was atleast a 30-45 minute wait for Tomorrowland Speedway so it is still pretty popular, but that is prime real estate for a new attraction or a futuristic ride that falls more in line with the Tomorrowland theme.

What you think? Does Disney need to just close it down? Or should they update the ride?

Let us know what you think in the comment box below.

As always nothing is official till Disney says it is.

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