Disney Christmas Sweater Range From Merchoid Is Full Of Festive Fun

The “Ugly Sweater” style has become one of my favorite holiday fashion trends! What could be better than an ironic ugly sweater though? How about an entire Disney Christmas Sweater Range! The awesome geek merch retailer, Merchoid now has an epic line of holiday Fair Isle styles inspired by some of our favorite Disney movies!

From enchanting tales, to heroic adventures these sweaters deliver in a fun and fanciful way. There are a total of six cheerful designs to choose from! Each one also features unique details from the film they were inspired by.

Aladdin Christmas Sweater

Your Christmas wish is genie’s command with this festive sweater inspired by Aladdin. Genie lamp details are mixed in with snowflakes on the sleeves, so don’t be alarmed if your guests start rubbing your arms and wishing for things.

Lion King Christmas Sweater

Never quite get over what happened to Mufasa? I haven’t either. You can honor a legend, and pay homage to Mufasa and Simba with a festive sweater!

Nightmare Before Christmas Sweater

What’s this? What’s this? There’s magic in this thread! Straight from Halloween town, comes the most festive sweater of all! Watch out though, Lock, Shock, and Barrel might also try to bring one back for Oogie.

Mary Poppins Sweater

This holiday sweater is practically perfect in every way! It also spells out the entirety of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, just in case anyone forgot how. I bet this would also be perfect for Yondu’s wardrobe because he is, as we know, “Mary Poppins y’all”!

Beauty and the Beast Sweater

Beauty may be found within, but with this sweater you can find it on the outside too! Belle and Beast share an enchanting moment on this holiday sweater, while Chip and Lumiere also make an appearance!

The Little Mermaid Sweater

It may be better down where it’s wetter, but it does get chilly by the sea. This is the perfect sweater to stay cozy in while spending a holiday by the shore!

You can find the entire Disney Christmas Sweater Range online at Merchoid.com now!

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