Disney being sued in wrongful death over a snake bite


On Thursday a well-known Orlando attorney announced he will represent a family which is filing a formal suit against Disney. The suit claims an 8-year-old child was bitten by a snake in Disney’s Animal Kingdom in October of 2014 which cause his grandmother to have a heart attack and later died. The family will be suing for the boys injuries and the wrongful death of the grandmother.

The attorney, Matt Morgan says the family was in the park when a snake escaped its enclosure and was in the general public area where it fell out of a tree and bit the child.  The grandmother was a witness to the bit, went into cardiac arrest and died later.

Disney does not deny the child was bit, however they say it was a non-venomous snake which was wild, not one from the park.  Disney went on to say the child was treated with a band-aid by the park nurse and the family continued their day of fun at Animal Kingdom.

The Disney representative did not speak directly about the woman’s death but they did say; “These allegations are an utter mischaracterization of the facts.”

This is one of those stories I really want to see the outcome of, how about you? Comment below

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