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    I like the IDEA, and I can see how it would be so much faster and more convenient (especially with families with young, very excited children), but getting checked in and starting your vacation talking to a Cast Member just feels right! There is no service quite like Disney service, and whenever we talk to that first CM, that’s when our vacation really begins! I just feel like we’d be skipping a step and just jumping into our vacation, rather than really getting started on the right foot. But I’m glad this option is available for those who don’t want to wait in a long line with small children!

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    Will the text tell you what area your room is in? The resorts are large, thinking there might be a lot of lost people if there are no directions to your room?

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    I think I will still prefer to check-in at the front desk. Call me old fashion but I still like the personal touch. And we had the most wonderful CM when we checked into the AKL in September. She had us on our way in no time.

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