Deadpool May Join the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the Third Spider-Man Film

Deadpool May Join the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the Third Spider-Man Film. With the acquisition of Fox by Disney, Marvel fans were worried the “Merc with a Mouth” would be X’ed by the House of Mouse.

Much to our surprise and to the disappointment of anyone betting on Wade Wilson in the Dead Pool, Disney has no intention of silencing or ending the Deadpool franchise and Marvel Studios is looking for a clever way to introduce Mr. Pool into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

A ‘most reliable source who has delivered 100%’ to MCU Cosmics, says that Marvel is ‘currently considering different options’ for the introduction of Deadpool into the MCU.

Some debate among speculators is that Marvel will give Deadpool a series on Disney+, but this seems highly unlikely since the content on Disney+ will have ratings between PG and PG-13. As any DP fan can tell you… his films do NOT fall under that category in the slightest.

The most likely of circumstances will find us meeting Wade/Deadpool in the future third Spider-Man film with Tom Holland. Let me clarify real quick, this does NOT mean the new film, Spider-Man: Far From Home, this would be for the following and final untitled film in the Spider-Man trilogy for the MCU.

Those who are familiar with the comics know that Deadpool and Spidey are great friends in the comics and animated shows and are no stranger to teaming up to save the day, so the storyline could be rather fluid with canon content from the comics.

Another interesting component is the well known and hilarious 4th-wall breaking by Deadpool himself who would be the only characters aware of the studio switch and the hilarity of Wade trying to make sense of the change. Ryan Reynolds’ jokes are bound to be amazing and I’m sure he will make some sort of comment about Josh Brolin/Thanos/Cable being from both universes.

We think this would be a brilliant move on Disney/Marvel Studios part as it would be received well by fans and gives the best possible scenario for Deadpool’s introduction to the MCU. What do you think of this theory? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section! Be sure to share this brilliant idea with your friends as well!

Photo Credit: Marvel/Sony Pictures/Fox/@vancityreynolds/Unilad

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