Dazzling Mickey Mouse Nail Polish Inspired by Disney Attractions

Mickey Nail Polish 2

Prepare to have your nail sparkle like Tinkerbell with these dazzling new polishes! KSeaGalesNails on Etsy has designed two more beautiful Mickey Mouse Nail Polishes, inspired by Disney attractions.

If you haven’t seen KSea Gale’s Nails Polishes before, then you’re in for a sparkling treat! KSea Gale’s “Disney Sweethearts” polish took us by storm, and now she has two new delightful nail lacquers to entice us with. Let’s check out her brand new options! First up with have “Small World After All” inspired by the pastel colors and nostalgic feel of the classic ride, this polish has a clear polish base with pastel dots and circles and pink, green, holographic purple and of course aqua blue Mickey glitters! I completely adore this one, the soft color scheme could also complete many Disneybounding looks quite nicely. Next up we have “Electrical Parade”, inspired by the beloved night time attraction the “Main Street Electrical Parade“. This one is a clear polish base with neon dots and circles, sparkling iridescent glitter and black Mickey glitters! The neon glitters also glow under black light, to truly give this polish the feel of the lighted parade. The brightly colored shimmery dots truly remind me of all the lights shining and shimmering during the nighttime spectacular. KSea Gale’s polishes are completely homemade, hand mixed and blended, as well as vegan and  5-FREE. 5 Free polishes are great because they do not have some of the more harmful chemicals found in many mass marketed polishes these days. She also puts an extra ingredient of love into each bottle she makes.

If you are interested in finding these great polishes you can find them here:

Which one of these beautiful nail lacquers is your favorite? I’m having a tough time choosing, they are both so beautiful in their own ways!

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