Crochet or Knit Disney Characters While Spending Time at Home

Right about now you might be finding yourself with a little extra time on your hands. Not something we are all very used to. Perhaps you are wondering how to fill that time and do something productive with it. You may also be trying to figure out ways to get some Disney cheer into your life. If you are crafty or wanting to pick up a new hobby, why not try learning how to crochet a Disney character, or knit a Disney themed blanket?!

There are many different patterns and designs you can look for online. Pinterest has so many different options to choose from. There are great instructional videos you can follow along online as well. Youtube has a plethora of videos for whatever design you would like to create.  You can purchase patterns on Etsy as well or look online for free ones. Essentially you will need yarn, whatever colors you need to make what you are intending to. You will need various size hooks. Scissors, poly-fil to stuff your character with. In addition, you should have safety eyes, stitch markers and sewing needles.

To get started, pick a pattern first. So this way you can figure out what supplies you will need. There are different types of yarns and different sized needles to use depending on what character you chose. There are even kits that can be purchased that come with everything you need and instructional books.

Not all yarn is the same, I learned the hard way when I was being taught how to make a blanket for my son, the softer yarn is more difficult to use when you are first starting to learn. It frays easier. A firmer type of yarn is a bit more user friendly until you get the hang of what you are doing. Also, a trick to soften a blanket or hat, for instance, is to soak it in some hair conditioner and water before washing it. It helps the texture.

My mother in law is an avid knitter and crocheter. She amazes me with some of the things she creates. I put her to the test to make me a Baby Yoda. Who isn’t obsessed with his cuteness? She delivered better than I could have imagined. I mean literally she flew down from Massachusettes and hand-delivered him to me. As you see from my photo I was a bit excited about my new little cuddly friend. For me, handmade gifts are so special because that person had to put a lot of time and effort into creating that item specifically for me. Why not make them for some of your family, friends, or neighbors during this time to spread a little of that Disney Magic.

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Kit photo Courtesy: Disney

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Jenna-lee Languirand