Couple uses Toy Story Characters to bring joy to Neighbors

A couple in Carlsbad California is bringing joy to neighbors and passersby with Toy Story characters set up on their roof. Sue and Stephen Stewart wanted to bring smiles to their neighborhood while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I thought a few people would notice, but no, they now come by constantly,” said Sue Stewart.

Stephen had seen something similar on the internet and decided he wanted to do the same.

Sue explained, “He ordered all of them and then we had to figure out ‘How am I going to get them up on the roof?'”

They didn’t have all of the characters at first so every other week there was a new character or a new scene on their roof. They move the characters with fishing line to stay safe.

“We didn’t have the aliens so we got the aliens and moved them one time. We moved the position of Buzz and Woody and got Little Bo-Peep in,” Sue described.

The couple didn’t realize how much of an impact their Toy Story scenes would have. It is not only children that enjoy seeing them, but adults as well.

“I went to get the mail and these people go, ‘That is the best thing ever.’ You have no idea what an impact he’s making. He’s making people smile,” Sue said about her husband’s work. “It’s couples, it’s adults. There’s two ladies that walk by every single day and check it out every single day.”

The couple chose the Toy Story theme because of its message that “we’re all in this together”.

How fun is this idea? Would you decorate your roof like this?


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