Cotton Candy Spirit Jersey Is a Stylish Treat From The Disney Parks

Cotton Candy Spirit Jersey

Spirit Jersey fans, there’s a new sweet treat on Main Street! That’s right the new Cotton Candy Spirit Jersey has arrived at the Disney Parks. This dreamy mix of pastels, is a colorful delight that we can’t wait to cozy up in for the fall.

This summer we fell in love with the kids version of this spun sugar inspired shirt, now we’re happy to report it is available in adult sizes! You can get this stylish snack at both Disneyland, and Walt Disney World. Each resort has it’s own version of the Jersey.

The Disneyland Spirit Jersey has the traditional “D” logo on the front, with Disneyland Resort on the back in puffed rainbow glitter.

The Walt Disney World version has the same rainbow puffed glitter writing. The logo is the D with the Mickey inside, and it of course says “Walt Disney World” on the back.

The Cotton Candy Spirit Jersey can be found at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, and retails for $64.99. This Spirit tee has already been incredibly popular, and is disappearing from the shelves as fast as ice cream melts in July!

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