The Contemporary’s 2017 Easter Egg Display Now Available For Viewing

One of the most beautiful things to see at the Walt Disney World Resort, during Easter Week, are the Egg Displays.  Executive Chef Jeff Barnes, and his Pastry Team, at The Contemporary Resort, have done a magnificent job with this year’s display.  The Contemporary’s 2017 Easter Egg Display is now available for viewing.

You can find The Contemporary’s 2017 Easter Egg Display on the first floor as you enter through the main doors into the lobby.  If you are arriving by monorail, take the elevator or escalators down to the Resort check-in area.

The Eggs themselves are incredible.  The theming, the details, and the artistry, make each egg a one-of-a-kind creation.  Chef Jeff Barnes and his Pastry Team have done an outstanding job this year creating and designing the Eggs for the display.

My absolute favorite Egg on display is the Bell Cart Traveling Egg.  This particular Egg was designed and created by a member of the Pastry Team who has never designed, or created, a display egg before.  The theme of the Traveling Egg, being transported on a Disney Bell Services Cart, has not been done before.  Chef Jeff told me that when this new Pastry Chef presented the idea, he was curious to see how it would turn out,  I feel it is safe to say that this egg came out practically perfect!  The Bell Cart is made of pure sugar and the egg, plus all the detail work, are chocolate.

Chef Jeff was kind enough to give me a sneak peek at the Eggs not currently on display.  Many of the  ones shown above will end up in some of the restaurants and likely a small display up on the fourth floor of The Contemporary.  Look for the large Mickey and Minnie pair if you visit Chef Mickey’s Easter Weekend.

Chef Jeff Barnes shared with me the Egg-making process.  The eggs are hollow inside and begin with an 8, 10, 12, 16, or 25 inch mold.  The egg molds start out as two halves made of polycarbonate.  They fill the mold with enough chocolate to coat and cover the mold.  After the chocolate has set, they place the two halves together and turn the egg around and around to seal the two halves.  Finally, the creative fun begins with the design process of the intricate detailing apparent on the outside of these amazing Eggs.

The Contemporary’s 2017 Egg Display will be available for viewing through Monday, April 17th.  If the eggs hold up well, they may remain on display an additional day or two.  Congratulations to Chef Jeff Barnes and The Contemporary Pastry Team on a job well done.  Their efforts have created this beautiful Egg Display just in time for Easter Week.

You can see our video tour of The Contemporary’s 2017 Easter Egg Display here:

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