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  1. 11

    Ember Darling

    This is so funny because my boyfriend’s family is from peru and they buy inca kola by the bulk! Now we have something special to look forward to at Epcot!

  2. 10

    Amber MacNeil

    Noooo….. my Fanta Kolita is gone!! 🙁

  3. 9

    Jen Sternberg

    Well, change can be good….guess it depends on the new flavors. But, I will look forward to trying them on my next visit. (Farewell, Smart Watermelon…will miss you!)

  4. 8


    Wow that was quick!

  5. 7

    Melanie @ Whimsical Creations

    We went to Epcot today and the new ones were already out. It was fun trying new ones, but not a fan of most of them. Missing the old ones already.

  6. 6

    John F. Daniel

    darn, I never even got to try them before they are gone forever.

  7. 5

    Peg Quarlena

    First off I miss Ice Station Cool, walking through the glacier, seeing the cave man with the bottle of Coke, feeling the cold mist blow on you. Club Cool just feels like one big Coca Cola commercial. I will miss the ginger ale soda from Germany and a few of the others and truth be told most of the new flavors don’t sound appealing to me but I will give them a try when we are there next year.

  8. 4

    Christina Struck

    Ooh, Fanta Pineapple! I love almost anything that tastes like fresh pineapple!!!

  9. 3


    I will Miss Smart Watermelon!

  10. 2

    Linda Tompkins

    Last time we were there most of them were out so a face lift is due. And it it fun trying new things.

  11. 1

    Ana K.

    I’ll miss Fanta Kolita, but Inca Kola is similar. I’m looking forward to trying the new flavors.

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