Cinderella Live Action Movie is beyond Magical

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Walt Disney Pictures has done it again!  The live action Cinderella movie coming to theatres, March 13, 2015 is beyond magical!  The story of Cinderella is one we all grew up with and know very well.  It is the story most little girls dream about, finding their prince charming and living in a castle.   In the live action re-make, Disney  has taken all the magic onto the screen and has left this fan and audience members of all ages, believing in happily ever after again.

The story follows the original animated movie – however, the live action version takes things up quite a few notches.  The costumes, especially Ella’s blue dress and the ball scenes were incredible and gave me the same butterfly feelings of excitement and wonder as when Elsa stomped her foot and “made” her ice castle in Frozen.

The dance during the ball with Ella and the handsome Prince was what dreams are made of.   Not to take away the other incredible scenes, like when Lady Tremaine discovers Ella’s glass slipper or other surprises which I will not spoil.  Suffice it to say that Prince Kit is everything we dream of in a Prince.

The acting was superb, with Lily James portraying a young and innocent Ella, Richard Madden as the handsome Prince Kit, with piercing blue eyes that will make you melt in your seat and Cate Blanchard as Lady Tremaine.   The costumes were regal and the perfect colors for each occasion.  The royal outfit worn by the Prince at the ball was a perfect compliment to Cinderella’s blue gown and his blue eyes.   Cate Blanchett’s gowns and hats gave her an air of sophistication with just the right look to make her beautiful but yet still evil.    The step sisters with their own matching unique styles made for quite a few laughs.

There are several memorable scenes, some that made my heart ache for Cinderella.  The worse one being when Lady Tremaine shatters the glass slipper.  The feeling of love during the dance at royal ball, and the ending where Prince Kit comes to Cinderella’s rescue will make you fall in love again.  However, the best part of the movie for me was when the fairy godmother, waved her wand and the magic began,  From the lizard footmen, to the goose driver it was one funny moment after another.  With the highlight being,  the look of wonder and amazement on my oldest grand daughter’s face during the transformation of the pumpkin into the beautiful gold carriage. While the little one sat frozen, watching the butterflies change Ella’s tattered dress into a ball gown with a glazed, dreamy look in her eyes.  Moments like these had me in tears and are what makes Disney the best.  Walt Disney Pictures has taken the story of Cinderella to new heights.  I can’t wait to see what they do with Beauty and the Beast.

Don’t miss Cinderella in theatres, Friday, March 13, 2015.  Take tissues and share your favorite part of the movie with me, your favorite Entertainment Writer at Chip and Co. com.

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