Try The Mother Of All Marshmallow Cupcakes at Epcot

It’s time to stop playing around with those snack credits and put them to proper use! We aren’t talking pretzels and dole whip here. We are talking about a cupcake that’ll make any chocolate lover drool uncontrollably! As I like to call it, THE MOTHER OF ALL CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES! Ladies and gents…I present to you the Marshmallow Cookie Crunch Cupcake!

Chocolate, Marshmallows, and Cookies OH MYChocolate, Marshmallows, and Cookies OH MY

Imagine if you will a chocolate cupcake topped with cookies and cream icing, sprinkled with chocolate morsels and marshmallows. Can’t get any better, right? WRONG! Drizzle a little chocolate syrup and you’ve got the Marshmallow Cookie Crunch Cupcake! Like I said, the mother of all chocolate cupcakes! If you enjoy a rich experience when you eat your dessert, you won’t be disappointed…we’re sure of it. “Sweet and savory” don’t do this dessert justice. You have to try it…it’s a completely different chocolate cupcake experience!

Pick up this savory dessert and let Epcot fulfill all of your chocolate dreams. The best part…it’s only a snack credit. Not using a dining plan? $5.00 will get you one of these sweet pieces of sugary art. Savor it, devour it…take pictures of it, or don’t…we don’t care! Just do yourself a favor, hurry over to Liberty Inn at the American Pavilion, and get in on this amazing dessert option like yesterday!

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