Chip and Co Tee Shirt Store


The Chip and Co Tee Shirt Store is now open for business. Each week we are going to be highlighting some of my favorite shirts from some really creative designers on Tee Public. This week I wanted to start off with a few of my own designs.

You might see us mention Disney Addicts or YMBADA. Being a Disney Addict is what we call our fans and YMBADA stands for You Might Be a Disney Addict which is our Facebook Group for Disney Addicts. Most days you can find me, my writers, admins and agents hanging out there answering questions, giving advice, and even posting pictures. You should come check us out!

Disney Addicts is our sister site where we answer your Disney Questions. There is no question too big or too small.

So this week I was able to get a store front going on Tee Public called the Chip and Co Tee Shirt Store and wanted to post a few designs we offered in the past.


My first design is the Chip and Co logo shirt. It is on sale now for $14 as a special bonus for Chip and Co fans! I have a few colors to choose from.



Next up is our YMBADA Black Letter shirt. It is also on sale and comes in a few additional colors. Cost on this one is $14 but only for a limited time.


Finally we have our YMBADA White Letter Shirt. This one is perfect for dark colored shirts and is on sale for $14 for a limited time.

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