Cheapest Souvenir in Disney: A Pressed Penny

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Cheapest Souvenir in Disney: A Pressed Penny
Penny Machines
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What kind of souvenir can you get for 51 cents in Disney World?  A Souvenir Penny.  Every attraction in the country seems to know the power of the penny machine and Disney is no exception.  What sets Disney World apart is the sheer number and variety of pennies available.  There are blogs devoted to the collectible penny values and updates on locations of the machines.  I’m going to keep it simple and give you the low-down on pressed pennies at Disney World.

What are They?

Pressed Penny Machines are typically a crank-type machine which will elongate your penny and stamp a selected image on the front. At Disney most of the machines have a button instead of a crank.  The cost involved is two quarters, plus the one penny you wish to smoosh. Although not as prevalent, there are also pressed quarter machines ($1.25, 4 quarters, plus the one to be pressed) throughout the parks and resorts.  After depositing your coins, you select an image from several choices and then turn that crank or press the button.  For kids, this is their favorite part.  Hence the appeal of the penny machine.

Where are They?

Just about everywhere!  All the Parks and most of the Resorts will be happy to take your 51 cents.   Most of the attractions have a penny machine located near the exit or the gift shop.  They will feature images and the name of the ride or attraction which is what makes them a great way to remember your visit.

Click here for a map of the WDW Pressed Penny Machines.

Why Pressed Pennies?

Besides being cheap, kids love them.  A penny from your resort is something you can look back on and stir up memories of your stay.  Kids can collect pennies from rides, especially the ones they’ve been waiting to be tall enough to go on for years!  A pressed penny can also satisfy that “gimmie, getme” moment for minimal cost.  For 51 cents you’ve made your kids day…until you pass the next gift shop.  There are a ton of images and Disney updates them occasionally, so they are something you can keep doing on other trips.  A bonus benefit is the size.  They will not weigh down your backpack or require souvenir delivery.

Ready to hunt for some pennies? Click here for Disneyland and Disney World machine locations and more details.

Chip’s Penny Tips:

  • Buy a Penny Collection Book-This can be done ahead of time, but I recommend treating yourself to a Disney book.  Most of the gift shops carry them.  Organize your books by park, trip, etc.  If you buy a plan to buy a book ahead of time, make a fun craft of decorating it for your trip!
  • Be Penny Ready-Before you leave, have your pennies at the ready.  The best method I’ve found is an old film container or mini M&M container (emptied of course).  Put two quarters and a shiny penny in and repeat until full.  That way you are not fumbling in front of the machine for change.  
  • Avoid repeats-If you are a frequent traveller, take a photo copy or cell phone pic of your pennies before you go back to Disney.  That way you will know which pennies you already have, as the selection seem infinite.
  • Old vs. New Pennies-Older pennies (before 1982) that are all copper will “smoosh” cleanly, while newer pennies (zinc with copper outside) will have streaks from the zinc.  This is a choice you will need to consider if it’s important to you.  Older pennies can be soaked in vinegar to shine them up a bit.  
  • Heads vs. Tails-The head side of the penny is preferable.  The monument image on the tail can often distort the stamping.

Mickey Mom is a Mom to two penny collectors and likes to eat Mini M&M’s.

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  1. I’m a convert. When I started reading this article I thought that collecting pennies was silly but now I see how cool they could be mixed with other souvenirs (like pins or in a scrap book). I am impressed by the vast number of pressed coins I could get.

  2. We leave in 28 days!
    I have a whole jar full of quarters and pennies that need cleaning to fill the m&m mini’s tube I picked up!

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