Change Your Pet into a Disney Character with this Snapchat Filter

Snapchat filter

Do you fancy your kitty looks like Marie or Toulouse from ”Aristocats?” Do you think your dog couldn’t look more like one of the ”101 Dalmatians?” Well, then you need to get on Snapchat and finish the job! There’s a filter that can Disney-fy your pet.

The filter is called ”Cartoon Face” and it was created for humans, but Snapchat user Danielle Sugden started the trend of using it on household pets. Her two Samoyeds look like Disney characters with those big eyes and happy smiles, do they not?

We decided that the trend was adorable and wanted to check it out on our own animals. Our results were definitely mixed! We tried different angles, lighting, making sure our pets were wide-eyed, moving our phones around, etc. Even our best pictures weren’t what we were hoping for though. The eyes flash on for just a moment, then disappear. Safe to say it probably works best on people!

If you’re still wondering whether your cocker spaniel actually does look like Lady from ”Lady and the Tramp” then you’ll want to try the Snapchat filter for yourself. Start off in Snapchat and hit the face to the right of the circle button, then the explore button in the bottom right. Search for ”Cartoon Face” and it should appear on the screen. Best of luck in capturing your furbabies as sweet Disney characters!

Lead photo courtesy of Danielle Sugden

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Allison Luna