Casey’s Corner – A Kid Approved Counter Service!

I have to say I love Casey’s Corner! A trip to Magic Kingdom would not be complete for me without stopping to sit outside and enjoy a hot dog and an ice cold diet coke!  I don’t know if it is the food that I love or the tradition of doing it each trip, but it is so fun!   As much as I love it, there is one person in my family who actually enjoys it more.  That is my 4 year old daughter and that is saying something because she is really picky about what she eats!

Casey’s Corner is a great place to stop and have lunch, especially is you have younger children.  The theme is so fun, a vintage baseball look makes it interesting for the kids to look around while in line!  The menu is pretty simple which makes ordering easy too!  There are a variety of hotdogs, corn dog nuggets, fries, drinks and desserts.  If you are on the Disney Dining Plan you get one entree, one side, a large drink and a dessert.  There is not a kids menu available here so your kids are free to pick whatever they want off the menu which I really like.

Quite possibly one of the best items and most kid friendly would have to be the corn dog nuggets! People, including myself, love these little things.  They are great for kids because they are small and fit perfectly into a child’s hand.  They also don’t make a huge mess all over your child’s clothing like the Chili Cheese Dog would!  A cup of fries and a drink  compliment them nicely.  But my daughters favorite part of the meal would have to be the dessert options!  You and your kids get to pick from a brownie, a box of Cracker Jacks and… Cotton Candy!   What a perfect way to end a very fun festive meal than baseball themed desserts!  My daughter always opts for the bag of cotton candy and I can’t say I blame her!  If your child is too full to nibble on the cotton candy or Cracker Jacks save them for later during the parade for a fun treat!

After we get our food we always look for a spot to sit outside on the ice cream parlor chairs  so we can listen to a wonderful Cast Member play the  piano.  He has worked there for many years and is so nice!  He talks to us every trip we take, like he actually remembers us!  He even lets my daughter play the first note of a song and the last note, dedicating it to her!  It is a lot of fun being swept up in the nostalgia of this corner of Magic Kingdom!

If you have kids and are headed to Magic Kingdom I highly recommend stopping in for some kid approved corn dog nuggets, cotton candy and music!  My family has made it into a tradition that we love, and I know your family will too!

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