Carthay Circle’s World of Color Package Offers Excellent Food and Preferred Viewing


World of Color, at Disney’s California Adventure, is a must-see show for anyone who visits the Disneyland Resort in California.  Viewing space for this show is limited.  You can rush over to the FastPass kiosk, at park opening to obtain a color-coded viewing pass, or book a World of Color dining package at one of three restaurants.  The restaurant choices are Carthay Circle Restaurant, Wine Country Trattoria, or Ariel’s Grotto Restaurant.  We decided to go with Carthay Circle’s World of Color Package as it offered excellent food and Preferred Viewing.


We did some research and learned that World of Color FastPasses are distributed in color-coded segments.  Your color segment defines your viewing area for the show.  As this was our first visit to the Disneyland Resort, we decided to book a World of Color Dining Package.  Since we wanted to see the first show at 9:00pm, with the best possible view, we booked a Carthay Circle lunch package.  Carthay Circle offers a 3 Course Lunch Package that includes a Starter, an Entree, and a Dessert.  At $43 per person for lunch, the price was a bit steep. I am here to tell you that the quality of the food, and the World of Color Show, were worth every penny of that cost!

Upon our arrival to Carthay Circle, we were greeted by Minnie Mouse. She was the Celebrity who was available to take photos with us and we were very pleased by this.  There is a bar area and cozy seating areas on the first floor.

We were escorted up a beautiful staircase to the second floor.  The ceiling, in the central room, was spectacular.  We loved the multitudes of pictures featuring Walt Disney and stars from Disney movies.  The lighting was quite dim, which was perfect for a relaxing lunch.


We were a party of 3 and as it was a cold and rainy day, we all chose the Parsnip and Pear Soup accented with Roasted Chestnuts.  The ingredients listed included Roasted Goose.  I have to admit that Roasted Goose gave me a moment of pause.  However, when I tasted the soup it was very flavorful and truly delicious. I was surprised to discover that Goose does not taste like chicken.

For our entrees we ordered the Sesame and Ginger Crusted King Salmon, Grilled Angus Tri-Tip, and Soba Noodle Salad & Tangerine-Sesame Grilled Chicken.  The King Salmon was the best I have ever tasted.  Combined with the Coconut Red Rice, the flavor combination was magnificent.  The Angus Tri-Tips were cooked to perfection.  The Blue Cheese Risotto did not have a lot of flavor and could have used some sort of spice to interest the taste palate. The Soba Noodle Salad is served cold and is absolutely delicious.  The combination of cucumbers,edamame, macadamia nuts and mint really gave this salad its wow factor.

We had the Holiday Ginger Caramel Monkey Bread and the Cordillera Chocolate Mousse for dessert.  The presentation of each plate was wonderful.  Both desserts were very good.  I liked that they were not overly sweet while offereing the perfect ending to an amazing meal.

Our Cast Member Servers were Melynda and Jacob.  They were very professional and patient with our questions.  Each of them was attentive to our needs and their efforts on our behalf made for a wonderful overall experience at Carthay Circle Restaurant.  We will definitely ask for them on our next visit.

As part of our World of Color Preferred Viewing Package we were placed center on the second level viewing area.  We had one level of people below, and in front of us.  FastPass color-coded segments along the walkway above the 3 tiers. The only words to describe World of Color-Season of Light are that this show is visually stunning!  I recorded each segment and tried to get some pictures in between the songs.  PIctures cannot do justice to the actual show as there is water, music, lights, and color more beautiful than I had imagined from the pictures I had seen prior to seeing the show in person. The location alone was worth the cost of lunch.  The bonus was that the food was fabulous.  You will get a little bit wet from the water mist during the show, but that is par for the course and totally worth it.  A lot of water is needed to project the images and if your belly is full with the lovely warm soup from Carthay Circle, and you have a jacket, then you have everything you need.


If you want to know if the cost of a dining package is worth it to have the preferred viewing for World of Color, I whole-heartedly answer, Yes!  With three restaurants to choose from, offering a variety of food, pricing, and meal times there really is something on offer for everyone.  Carthay Circle’s World of Color Package provides an amazing meal along with one of the best possible viewing locations for the World of Color Show.  I recommend this for anyone and I will certainly be choosing this package again on my next visit to the Disneyland Resort.

What do you think of the World of Color Preferred Viewing Dining Packages?  Please leave your comments in the box below.

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