1. 9

    Lisa Dillard

    DH and I are big Star Wars fans, so we can’t wait for this. #ymbada

  2. 8

    do whatcha gotta do

    Whoot Whoot…I’m lining up now!


  3. 7

    Adina Clarke

    I’m a Star Wars geek and I so can not wait to see what they come up with next. #‎ymbada‬

  4. 6

    Terry Berrier

    Big Star Wars fan, cant wait for this one! It was a little over 37 yrs ago when the first one came out!#ymbada

  5. 5

    Melissa Salinas

    My whole family as been looking forward to this movie! #ymbada

  6. 4

    Nicole Middleton

    I am so very excited for this! I have been a Star Wars/Disney fan since I can remember plus you adding in the genius of JJ Abrams, it is just scrumptious. #ymbada

  7. 3

    Jim Wright

    Disney and Star Wars – a match made in heaven! Very excited for JJ Abrams to have a go at revamping the franchise. AND I want Star Wars Land!!! #ymbada

  8. 2


    YES!! Love Star Wars, the whole cast & am very excited!!! #ymbada

  9. 1

    Cher Reinzan Long

    My DH and my DS can not wait for this!!! #ymbada

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