Is Captain EO coming to Disney Infinity?


Captain EO, an all-time park favorite park attraction was directed by Francis Ford Coppola.  Featuring superstar, Michael Jackson, as the fearless leader of a group of goofy aliens who dance their way through a space mission, Captain EO has been showcased for almost 30 years.  With an almost cult like following, it would only seem logical to take the characters and bring them to the Disney Infinity screen where fans can join Michael and the gang.  And it seems like that is a strong possibility after the VP of production of Disney Infinity, tweeted several times over the last month , that he is working very hard to bring Captain EO into the Infinity family.

The popularity of Disney Infinity continues to grow with the release of each new character added. The game which allows the players of all ages to interact with Disney characters is at the top of every Christmas and birthday gift wish list.   From the classic characters – heroes and villians to the recent wave of favorites – Frozen and Inside Out, topping the lists, every player has his/her favorites.   Will Captain EO be a part of your Disney Infinity collection?

Loretta Garcia, Entertainment Reporter for Chipandco wants to know who your favorite Disney Infinity characters are!

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