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    Karen Karnes

    My brother and I went a few years ago just to say we did it, and was it was terrible! It’s our running joke,”that was bad” “yeah at least it wasn’t Captain EO, LOL”. Love Disney and Infinity but I won’t be buying that

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    Eeyore Fan

    This is on our “must miss” list. Even getting out of the heat wouldn’t get me to sit through this again. A couple of years ago my granddaughter wanted to see it. Her reaction was “that was dumb and pointless”. Exactly!

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    I’m not sure if it’s an all-time favorite attraction now. My kids have no desire to even go to it. Michael Jackson isn’t “cool” and from what I can tell hasn’t been for maybe a decade now. I don’t think adding that to Infinity would sell very well at all, unless parents purchase it, which I know I wouldn’t. I’m surprised that attraction is even there or even still runs. I don’t know anyone who goes to it unless they’re just trying to cool down from the heat, lol.

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