Camp Minnie-Mickey Set to Close


We have some bad news for you. We have received word that Camp Minnie-Mickey will close in 2014. Disney has not released a specific date yet but as soon as we know you will know.

Avatarland will be taking over all of the Camp Minnie-Mickey space when it opens in 2017. Don’t worry, Mickey and Minnie have already been moved to a new spot at the Adventures Outpost. Also Festival of the Lion King will be moved to a brand new building so no worries there either.

Other than the character Meet & Greets and Lion King that area has always seemed so empty, so this should be a major improvement for the Animal Kingdom.

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2 thoughts on “Camp Minnie-Mickey Set to Close

  1. Ha! My first thought after reading your comment on it being empty except for meet ‘n greet and Lion King was, “What else is there at Camp Minnie Mickey?” I guess I just made your point for you! LOL

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