California bill seeks to fast track reopening of Disneyland

disneyland reopening

A California Assembly bill proposed today would speed up the reopening of Disneyland and require the state to allow all theme parks to reopen in the same tier of Governor Newsom’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy.

Right now there are separate reopening guidelines for large and small theme parks. Small theme parks can reopen in the orange/moderate tier while large theme parks have to reach the yellow/minimal tier before they can reopen.

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The bill, co-sponsored by Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva and Assemblywoman Suzette Martinez-Valladares, would allow all theme parks to reopen in the same tier and would override Gov. Newsom’s guidelines that have kept Disneyland closed for almost a year.

“As a veteran of the theme park industry, I intimately understand their operations, their procedures and their ability to move people and keep them safe,” Martinez-Valladares said. “The industry, and Six Flags Magic Mountain in my district, has been closed for nearly a year, while parks in other states have been open to the public and serving them safely.”

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The California Attractions and Parks Association has petitioned for Newsom to reopen theme parks. The CAPA also says keeping large theme parks in the most restrictive tier will keep them closed indefinitely.


“We deeply appreciate Assembly Members Quirk-Silva and Martinez-Valladares for their leadership and for introducing legislation on safe theme park reopening,” CAPA executive director Erin Guerrero said. “Worldwide, theme parks have proven they can reopen responsibly while protecting the health of guests and staff. Science and data show it can be done. California should allow theme parks to reopen responsibly in the orange/moderate tier 3.”

Disney and Universal have reopened their theme parks on the east coast with no issues. Both theme parks have strict health and safety measures in place to protect guests. California theme parks should be allowed to do the same.

The extended closures in California have had a devastating impact on theme parks, theme park employees, and surrounding businesses.

Source: OC Register

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