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  1. 5

    Cindy Lou

    Boulangerie Patisserie in France – EPCOT World Showcase Best place to use snack credits..

  2. 4

    Stephanie Jackson-greene

    Great snack ideas! We usually end up forgetting them until the end and getting travel snacks for on the way home. This time I think I will seek out some in part treats!

  3. 3

    Max Schoenholtz

    Glazed nuts. They have almonds or pecans. The carts that sell them are not easy to find, and the glazing machine only makes around 8 servings at a time, so sometimes you have to wait, but oh, they are good – warm and fresh out of the “oven”. Especially in December at night watching The Osbourne Lights on DHS’s Streets of America with a hot cider! (I’ve gotten the glazed nuts also at Epcot and AK, just never have seen them in MK.) And while it’s not really the best choice “financially”, I love being able to get a cold, crisp pickle 😉 on a hot day. It’s a refreshing change-off from a Mickey Bar (not that I don’t love those, every so often). And don’t forget the frosted rice-krispie treats, those are my daughter’s favorite :). But my husband, he <3's a bag of trail mix!

  4. 2

    Christie McGuire Struck

    Pretzels, pretzels, pretzels. I think we got at least one every single day on our last visit!

  5. 1

    Dawn Hopkins Panagos

    My favorite use for a snack credit is my Dole Whip

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