‘Body of Proof: The Complete Second Season’ DVD Review

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Dana Delany is back, and better than ever, as Dr. Megan Hunt, a Philadelphia medical examiner who solves many of the toughest crimes thrown her way, in ‘Body of Proof: The Complete Second Season’. The show, now in its second season, has become one of ABC’s flagship shows, gaining quite a following.  I watched the show on and off in its first season, but watched constantly during its second. The show really found its footing, and I can see why fans love it. It’s a well written, superbly acted show that brings some of the best procedural storytelling to TV every week. So I’m glad to see that Disney has treated the show very well on this ‘Complete Second Season’ DVD. Featuring a bunch of special features, and all twenty episodes of the second season, this is one fans of the show will be very pleased with.

Season two of ‘Body of Proof’ features twenty great cases, really testing Megan and letting her show how smart she really is. For many shows like this, the procedural side of the show can sometimes weigh down the show, making it feel very by the numbers week after week. Thankfully, this show seems to avoid those pitfalls, thanks to great writing. The shows writers manage to make bring interesting cases week in and week out, making sure to keep the audience engaged. That really helps keep the show alive. One of my favorite episodes this season, ‘You’re Numbers Up’, is one of the most interesting and well written episodes of the season, dealing with a millionaire who is found stabbed to death in his apartment. The case is an interesting one, and it’s episodes like that one that make this show stand out. But thankfully, it just isn’t just the episodes that are well written, it’s the characters as well. I love the characters in the series, and thankfully to them, it keeps the show elevated. I’ve been a fan of Dana Delany for sometime now, since I saw ‘Tombstone’ years ago, so to have her headlining a show is excellent. She’s very good as Megan Hunt, who I find to be one of the best written characters currently on television. She’s smart, she’s tough as nails, and she has a huge heart. I like that the show deals with her life outside of her work, specifically with her daughter, because it makes her easily relatable and shows she isn’t just another cookie cutter type character. Many of the supporting characters are very well written as well. I really like Nicholas Bishop as Peter Dunlop, Megan’s assistant. He’s excellent in the role and really plays off Delany well.

Thankfully, for a show like this, Disney has given it an excellent DVD release. This new second season set comes with some excellent new special features. First off, we have ‘Designs of Body of Proof: Living Spaces’, which is a cool feature that lets you get to know the different places that the characters inhabit within the show. It really makes you appreciate the work that goes on behind the scenes, making sure the places around the characters are ones they would naturally interact with. It’s a really interesting feature. Then there are ‘Bodies of Proof’, my favorite feature on the set, that gives you a chance to get to know the bodies in the show. Since the show features bodies so prominently, it’s great to get an inside look on how they’re used and featured in the show. It’s a great feature, and I loved watching it. ‘Stunt Work of Body of Proof’ seems to be a feature that Disney is doing across their season sets, since it was also featured on ‘Castle: The Complete Fourth Season’. This one is a three-part feature that gives you a look at doing one of the show’s most intense stunts of the season, and I love things like this. There is ‘The Fashion of Body of Proof’, another feature that I’ve seen across some of the other DVD season sets, like ‘Revenge: The Complete First Season’. This feature wasn’t really for me, but fans will love it. Finally, the show features the webisodes ‘Outbreak’, which premiered online during the show’s run, and a blooper reel. It’s a really solid set of features across the board, and I can’t see anyone being disappointed in what is offered here.

‘Body of Proof’ is one of those shows that you can just sit down and enjoy week after week, with interesting and compelling mysteries, great writing, and a fantastic cast that brings these characters fully to life. This DVD set of ‘The Complete Second Season’ doesn’t disappoint either, bringing the show home for fans with great special features, and excellent widescreen transfer.  Fans of the series will be very satisfied at the set that Disney has put together here, I know I was. I can’t recommend the show highly enough. Fans will one to pick this up, and newcomers as well. This is a show I can see them falling in love with, as many others have. ‘Body of Proof: The Complete Second Season’ absolutely deserves a place in your DVD collection. Recommended.

Rating: B

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