Blu-ray Review of Pete’s Dragon 35th Anniversary Edition

On October 16, 2012 you can rediscover with your family the endearing story between Pete and his invisible dragon friend Elliot as they develop a special bond and share a magical friendship. With memorable characters and heartwarming songs include the 1977 Academy Award ” Best Original Song ” nominee, ” Candle On The Water “, Pete’s Dragon 35th Anniversary is the perfect timeless classic every member of your family will love.

This movie is a Disney Classic that has been around almost as long as me but this is my first time seeing it. Considering how long ago this movie was made the special effects of putting a cartoon character in with human actors is very well done. Pete was an orphan who is feeling very unloved so he has an imaginary friend ” Elliot ” who loves him unconditionally.  Initially only a few people can see him until he saves the day. You will see some very recognizable and classic actors, such as Red Buttons and Mickey Rooney. I really like the idea behind this movie. I think most of us can relate to having an imaginary friend as a child. I did feel the movie was a bit all over the place at times and a little long.

My favorite part of any Disney Blu-ray is the bonus content:

Brazzle Dazzle effects. Behind Disney’s Movie Magic is my favorite because it takes you behind the scenes, it shows and tells you how the movie was done and gives you feel of exactly what goes into making a movie. Sean Marshall who played Pete as a child narrated this but you never see him which would have been nice. They interview Virgina Davis who was Walt Disney’s first star. It is incredible how far movies have come. Walt Disney was a true pioneer and amazingly talented man who was way ahead of his time. If it weren’t for him I don’t think animated movies would be what they are today.

Deleted Storybook Sequence. Terminus and Hoagy Hunt Elliot. We get to see a deleted scene before it ever became a scene. They take you from storyboard to storyboard but with voice overs so it gives the storyboards a while new prospective.

Original Song Concept. ” Boo Bop Bopp Bop ( I Love You, Too ). This features some adorable storyboards set to an adorable song featured in the movie.

I give this movie a B-

Disney was nice enough to send us some video footage to include in my review. I hope you enjoy them!




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