A Birthday Tribute to Our Friend, Ken!

Disney lovers are a special breed of people. We speak a different language and we understand one another. We know the thrill of planning a trip, the anticipation of waiting for it, and the sheer joy of being home again.  The Disney community is a tightly knit group. We have respect, regard and a genuine concern for each other. Our group at Chip & Company is one example of such a group of Disney lovers who truly enjoy sharing all we know with everyone out there in order to try to make your Disney experience better, share our memories with your memories, and reach out whenever help is needed.

If you have been a fan of Chip & Company for a while, you know that we lost a treasured friend and a great writer this year. Today is his birthday so I hope you will indulge us an opportunity to share Ken Brown with all of you – especially those of you who never had an opportunity to know him.

Ken was with Chip right from the beginning. He was one of the original writers and Chip has said that when no one else even knew about C&C, Ken was his #1 fan. He was not only a contributor here, though, he was also a very supportive friend and confidant.  Ken wrote a special series called Disney for Seniors, but he liked to call it “Oldies but Goodies” for fun. I hope you will take a little time to read his posts as he was an awesome writer with a fabulous sense of humor and he posted very valuable, well-presented information about Disney.

Back in the first part of 2011, Chip asked us to do an assignment in which we answered personal questions about ourselves. I read through all the other writers’ responses and I was surprised to find that my Disney life most closely paralleled Ken’s in many cases. I was a mid-40s lady with three grown kids that I had raised Disney and Ken was a senior gentleman who had not even had his first visit to Disney until he was 44 years old. Still, we had some special things in common: he had a Disney home office, most of his clothes were Disney, he collected snowglobes which he kept in a large china closet in his dining room, and his favorite Disney movies were all the Pirates of the Caribbean ones; all just like me. I will never forget his answer to one question in particular though.

The question was, “What is your first Disney memory?” Ken’s answer was the very best of them all in my opinion and it was simply this:  “Walking down Main Street USA and thinking ‘I have finally found MY place!!’“  Now tell me, if you had to think of one answer to that question, wouldn’t that be it? I mean he just encapsulated in a few simple words what Disney means to all of us.

Ken was an important part of our Chip & Co family. He was a walking example of what Disney means to all of us. Happy to share any tip or trick to help make someone’s trip easier or more enjoyable. Ever encouraging and quick with a note about how much he liked one of our posts, he helped to bring out the best in us. He lives on in his posts still displayed on this page for all to enjoy.

I would like to close this tribute to Ken with his own words: “The vision and love produced by everyone who works/has worked there has made Disney an icon that produces a feeling of Magic and happiness in everyone exposed to it. I love going to Walt Disney World and acting like a kid again even though I’m 65 years old, and nobody cares about me being an old fool!!”

Happy birthday, Ken! We all love and miss you!

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  1. Very happy bday to him in Disney Heaven. I remember the post saying he passed. Very sad to lose a wonderful person.

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