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    Who here really thinks Disney cares if you won’t stay at PC? You will pick another resort, (Disney wins) or you stay off property but still go to the parks while not taking up space on their transportation systems, (Disney wins), or you don’t go at all, helping reduce crowds, (Disney wins). For every one thing that Disney does, then reverses due to public backlash, there are fifty things they do that piss everyone off, just not enough to stop them from coming and spending. Me included.

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    There should have been some warning that this change was going to occur. Maybe an announcement that is 6 months it will
    move to hourly. Those who are going soon don’t have much of a choice to change resorts!

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    Dennis O'Brien

    I’m not clear why the complaints! No one complains that the monorail resorts usually have No buses to MK or Epcot available! And the same height fears would apply. At least you’re getting hourly service to these skyliner resorts.

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    A G

    We loved the Skyliner! It is the most efficient mode of transportation Disney has!

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    I will not be staying at pop century because of this change the prices go up every year but always cut backs it makes no sense to me as some can’t ride the skyliner

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    NOT happy about this. I literally just booked Pop Century on Thursday, when the free dining promotion started. My traveling companion is terrified of the skyliner/heights.

    This is going to cause so much congestion for switching at the skyliner hub.

    Plus one bus an hour? That’s absurd.

    And what about people who actually want to use the main entrance of Epcot?

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    This will definitely affect my decision on staying at Pop Century in the future. I do not want to get on that thing, unless of course your point is to make me puke! I hope they don’t do this at the art of animation.

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    Love the skyliner. Only issue is when it storms and skyliner is closed down. TM’s. Need to jump into crowd control and assist with loading busses from the skyliner to the resorts. It was pure chaos and mayhem when this happened recently. Otherwise, skyliner is much easier and quicker than any other transportation to the parks.

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    Now have mixed feelings about staying at Pop Century. One should not be forced to use the Skyliner. If you are spending the extra money to stay on the property, there should be perks! Waiting one hour for a bus is ridiculous!!!

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    This could be a game changer for some.

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    That wasn’t much notice to decrease the bussing. Seems too drastic of a cut

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    J R

    I think 1 hour for such a large resort is too long. Maybe every 30…

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