Best Things I Love About Disney – The Imagineers

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The soul of the Disney Company was and continues to be Walter Elias Disney. The heart of the Disney Company has to be the thousands of Cast Members in every division of the company. That brings us to the mind of the company which has to be the Imagineers. These are the people who conceive, research, design, and build the attractions we all know and love.

I think a lot of visitors take the detail involved in putting together an attraction for granted. Believe it or not this is probably exactly what the Imagineers have in mind when they begin their brainstorming for a new or update of an existing attraction. They want the appearance of an attraction on the property or an update to an attraction to be as seamless as possible and cause the minimal inconvenience to the visitors. They do a wonderful job of this.

They are artists, engineers, construction professionals, etc. but they have one thing in common – they think a bit differently than most of us, completely “outside the box.” After watching some interviews with Imagineers and reading about their work I believe that most of them have never even heard of the “box”. Yes, they would consider that statement a compliment. Take Expedition Everest for example, it looks like a single structure but it is actually three structures with the coaster track being the innermost. This had to be done so that the stresses put on the structure by the coaster wouldn’t shake it to pieces. Even with the aid of very powerful computers it took eighteen months just to complete the design phase.

Next time you see an attraction you have never seen before please look at it a bit differently and appreciate the planning, thought, imagination (perhaps that’s why they call them Imagineers), and work that goes into making it what it is. Enjoy your visit to Walt Disney World!!



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