Bambi Inspired Disney Lip Gloss Tins

Disney Lip Gloss Tins

I love lip gloss, and I really love tins because they usually have cute designs, fit anywhere, and are reusable after they’re empty. I thought these Bambi inspired Disney Lip Gloss Tins by WendyBirdFinds on Etsy would be the perfect addition to my collection.

Bambi, Thumper and Flower are  available in these round gloss styles tins. Each tin includes .30 ounces of flavored lip gloss in three flavors: chocolate cherry, french vanilla and green apple. Thumper contains the Green Apple flavor, Flower the French Vanilla and Bambi the Chocolate. How perfect is that, soft shiny lips with fun flavors, and a cute tin featuring a beloved Disney character to reuse later? Get your choice here!

Which Disney Character Lip Gloss tin would you choose?

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