This All That and a Bag of Disney Chips Shirt is Awesome

Disney Chips Shirt

I love shirts with clever designs, or amusing puns. This All That and a Bag of Disney Chips Shirt from OnceUponaTeeShirt on Etsy, has a clever design that is also an amusing pun!

This original design features a bag, with an image of Chip from Chip n’ Dale and Chip from Beauty and the Beast inside. The “magazine style” lettering is very fun, with a beautiful light blue color that matches the design on Chip the teacup’s bottom. The tee is available in white only, to make sure the design stands out beautifully, and comes in sizes XS to 2XL. Of course they have some other fun designs available you can check out too!

Do you enjoy a clever Disney shirt like the All That and a Bag of Disney Chips Shirt as much as I do?

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