Baby Porcupine born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom


Even though Walt Disney World is temporarily closed, the circle of life continues. The animal care team at Disney’s Animal Kingdom welcomed a new addition with the birth of a baby porcupine. The baby is also known as a porcupette.


The mother porcupine is called Peri, who was featured on the “One Day at Disney” documentary series on Disney+. A Walt Disney World veterinarian, Dr. Natalie, gave Peri an ultrasound and continual care during her pregnancy. Those who watched “One Day at Disney” knew of Peri and how they animal care team expected a new arrival.

Baby porcupines are covered with a fine red fur coat. They also have tiny quills underneath their fur, but these quills take hours to harden after birth. The animal care team at Disney’s Animal Kingdom used the quills to reveal that the new baby porcupine is a girl!

The team at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is taking good care of Peri and her baby daughter. The Species Survival Plan (SSP), which is overseen by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), chose Peri for their breeding program. This association helps ensure the breeding and genetic diversity of animal species.

The animal care team is looking forward to sharing more stories and insights of their animals for fans at home!

Source: Disney

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Kevin Koszola