Avengers Endgame Trailer Breaks Viewing Records

Avengers Endgame Trailer Breaks Viewing Records!  The Avengers Endgame trailer was released yesterday and has all of the internet buzzing with speculation on what the future is for our beloved super squad. Will Tony be lost forever in space? Will Ant-Man be part of a huge rescue? Is it possible that those who have been snapped into oblivion can be returned to us? (I really hope so)

Bob Iger tweeted out the results of the views for the new Avengers Endgame trailer and we are not surprised at all to see the kind of numbers cranked out. “There is a new record in movie trailer launches: #AvengersEndgame had 289 million views in 24 hours, surpassing the Avengers: Infinity War total of 236 million views and The Lion King‘s 224.6 million over the same time measurement. Thank you #Marvel fans around the world!” -Bob Iger

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Heather Adamczak
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