Ask a Disney Question: Where to rent a wheelchair?

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Ask a Disney Question: Where to rent a wheelchair?

We recently got an email from Kristin with the following Disney question:

We need to rent either a wheel chair or a scooter for our next trip for our handicap nephew. He doesn’t currently use anything in his day to day life, but I don’t think he can make 10 miles a day at Disney World. Any suggestions?

Hello Kristin, and thank you for your question!  We always love to answer questions from our readers, so I hope that my response will help you in your planning!

My family just got back from Disney World about a week and a half ago, and since we had extended family with us, and one of our party was a Grandmother, she and her daughter decided that they should rent a scooter to help her get around the parks.  There are several places to rent scooters or wheelchairs from, everywhere from the parks themselves, to several companies that will deliver them to your hotel and pick them up afterwards.  For my sister-in-law, she went with, and they were really happy with the scooter they got.  There are a ton of different varieties of scooters and wheelchairs to get, and a lot of the sites have videos you can watch to see how the scooters operate.  Whether you go with a scooter or a wheelchair (and which style you pick, for that matter) depends on a few factors:

  1. Is the recipient of the device able to wheel themselves, or would they have to be pushed everywhere?
  2. If you want a powered vehicle, do you have the ability to place it somewhere for charging?  We found that we could put Sherry’s scooter in the hallway at our resort for charging.
  3. Do you have a lot of bags and things to carry?  The scooter will have at least one basket that can be used for placing things, which worked out well for our party.
  4. Since your nephew doesn’t normally need the help in his day to day life, he won’t be used to using a scooter or wheelchair, correct?  If that is the case, make sure that he has plenty of time to practice how to use the device you go with.

Now that you have a few ideas on what to look for in a rental unit, here are some places to consider for renting a wheelchair or scooter.

  • You can rent wheelchairs and ECVs (Electric Convenience Vehicle) at Walt Disney World, although there are limited quantities available.  The units are not transferable from park to park.  If you hop to another park, you will need to hang onto your receipt so that you can get a new unit, if that park has any available.  Wheelchair rentals are $12 per day, and ECV rentals are $50 per day, with a $20 refundable deposit.  ECV rentals are only done on a day-by-day basis.
  • You can also rent wheelchairs and ECVs at  As I said, this is where my sister-in-law rented the scooter for her Mom.  Sherry got several great comments about her scooter, and the price of the rentals ranges from $25 – $40 per day.  I think the scooter that Sherry had was called the Dream.
  • Another scooter rental company is Walker Mobility.  I haven’t used them before, but I did see a lot of their scooters throughout the parks.  They rent scooters from $30 – $46 per day, and also rent wheelchairs and even strollers.

Lastly, here are a few more tips for you to think about when you get your scooter or wheelchair:

  1. Safety First.  For scooters, keep in mind that the accelerator is on the handlebar, in the same place that the brakes for a bike would be.  When you squeeze the trigger, it will go unless you have the unit turned off, so be careful.
  2. When you get off of the unit, turn off the unit and take the key out to hang onto it.  If you rent a wheelchair, make sure that you lock the wheels before you get out of the seat.
  3. For scooters, you should know that some of them will have two different speed levels, so be careful that you put it on the slower speed when you are around big groups of people.
  4. Also for scooters, the brakes for the scooter engage automatically when you release the trigger on the handlebar.  The scooter will take a little bit of time to come to a rolling stop, so plan accordingly so you don’t come too close to hitting a wall, the elevator, or other obstacle.

Kristin, I really hope that this helps you out.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to comment or shoot us another email!  Thanks for reading Chip & Company!

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Ask a Disney Question: Where to rent a wheelchair?

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4 thoughts on “Ask a Disney Question: Where to rent a wheelchair?

  1. That’s a great point to make also! I know that my sis-in-law reserved the scooter online, so it was there waiting for us, but if you can transport it yourself either by car or plane, that will probably save yourself some cash also. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I’m glad that you had a good experience also! The only headache that we had with the unit was on the day before we were checking out — it rained while we were in 50’s Prime Time Cafe, and when the rain stopped and we were outside, as soon as Sherry turned on the scooter, the horn started going — somehow it got shorted out and was stuck in the on position. But that was the only problem, and we were able to muffle the sound, so it wasn’t a big deal. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Something else to maybe suggest is renting from home. My mom uses a wheel chair every trip and I can rent one from a local Medical Supply shop for $30 and that covers an entire month. It helps in the airport and we can use it from park to park.
    They also rent scooters(locally) but I never checked on them as my mom has limited mobility in her left arm so the wheelchair is the better choice for her.

  4. I, too rented the Dream from Scootorlando. It was a great scooter. I had a “regular” scooter from someplace the year before…it was nice and ran good, but not as comfortable as the Dream. We had a problem with one of ours (my parents and I both rent…they are older and I have arthritis) and it was addressed and fixed immediately. They are a great company. They had the scooters waiting in the lobby for us when we got there. It was especially nice since we were at the Boardwalk and we could just use our scooters to go over to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. They have very very long battery lives as well.

    There is also a company that rents a lot of stuff…like recliners if you have health issues where you sleep in a recliner over a bed, etc that is very good. Disney will recommend a company, which is how I found that company (it was recommended by Disney)

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