‘Army Wives: Season Six Part One’ DVD Review

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Lifetime’s hit drama ‘Army Wives’ has come home once again on DVD in this ‘Season Six: Part One’ release. One of the network’s most popular shows, ‘Army Wives’ follows the lives of a group of woman, all wives of men in the 23rd Airborne Division, based out of Fort Marshall in in South Carolina. The series is a great drama, almost a nighttime soap opera if you will, and one that I can see why so many love. Disney has given this hit show a pretty good release, featuring the first thirteen episodes of the sixth season together, but it’s fairly light on special features, which makes this package a bit light. But that doesn’t make the set any less desirable for fans of the series who will just be happy to have this new season on DVD.

Picking up where season five left off, we find Wives preparing for the closure of the base, after the 23rd Airborne has been disbanded. But as they prepare for the future, a hurricane hits, leaving one of the wives fighting for her life, while the others deal with the aftermath of the situation something, among having to leave. It’s an incredibly moving first half of the season, and one of the better dramas on TV right now. It’s very well written, with very three-dimensional characters, while also feeling very raw and real. That’s a credit to not only the writing, but the actresses in the show as well. The whole show hinges on these group of women and how they interact together, and it works. Kim Delaney headlines the cast as Claudia Holden, and she’s absolutely great in this. She brings some much to the character, and it’s hard not to feel for her and caring about her. She’s one of the best actresses on TV right now, and I’m so glad to see how far her character has come over the last six years. But the rest of the cast is excellent as well. I really like Catherine Bell, who plays Denise. She has a great presence and plays off the others very well. That’s the kinda of strong ensemble you want in a show like this. Without actresses who can work together, the show wouldn’t work.

But it helps that the show is very well written, really fleshing these characters out. The show is based on the book ‘Under the Sabers: The Unwritten Code of Army Wives’. It’s amazing that a TV series based on a book has lasted almost six years. The writers continue to find ways to keep the show going, and that’s the most impressive thing. They’ve created such amazing and tense drama over the years, it’s easy to see why people love it. It’s heartfelt and emotional, like an intense roller coaster, and it works. I think, so far, season six may be the strongest and most intense to date. The first two episodes alone, with the army base closing and the impending hurricane, it really pushes these characters to new limits. I haven’t seen the second half of the season yet, but if the intensity is held over from the first season, I can only imagine how great the second half of the season is.

‘Army Wives: Season Six Part One’ comes to DVD with only two special features, and they’re fairly standard ones for sets like this. The first is a set of deleted scenes from select episodes throughout the season, not really adding too much to the episodes. I can see why the scenes were cut, because they didn’t add too much to the overall narrative. Then we’re given a small blooper reel, which is always fun to watch. Again, these are pretty standard features and I’m a little sad that there aren’t more here. I would have really liked a making of about the season, but hopefully that will be on ‘Season Six, Part Two’ down the line.

‘Army Wives’ is a great drama that really shows the bonds of friendship and how far it can go. It’s very well written and features incredible acting. ‘Season Six, Part One’ is very well done, and I look forward to seeing how the second half of the season works. Fans of the series will be happy to see that the first thirteen episodes are coming home on DVD, but they may be sad at the lack of special features. But it doesn’t hinder the release completely. It’s definitely worth adding to your collection if you love the series. Recommended.

Rating: B

  • ‘Army Wives: Season Six – Part One’ Comes to DVD September 18, 2012 (chipandco.com)
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  1. no matter how great this review I just dont like this show. I get upset easy so I like only happy gp lucky…….although i LOVE once upon a time and thats not always happy

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