Arendelle Aqua Pet Jersey Gets Your Pet Into The Stylish Spirit

If you like to dress up your furbaby, or even better yet match them, Disney pet Spirit Jerseys are a lot of fun. Now they can stay up to date with the color trends with the new Arendelle Aqua Pet Jersey! This is a miniature sized Arendelle Aqua Spirit Jersey, that is also made to fit our four legged pals.

The Arendelle color joins the tie-dye Briar Rose Gold as the latest in Disney pet fashion. Although there are no Arendelle Aqua Minnie ears for pets, you can still find the Briar Rose gold ones. These come in sizes XS to XL and retail for $36.99. The aqua version can only be found at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Although the Briar Rose Gold is now available online, so it is always possible it will come online eventually.

Do you have a furbaby that would love the fun new Arendelle Aqua Pet Jersey?

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