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    My favorite Star Wars memory is when I was in a child & we had a snow day my Dad, sisters & I would watch Star wars IV-VI.

  2. 9

    Sharon zelinski

    Running In the Star Wars marathon at Walt Disney world dresses up as bb-8.

  3. 8

    Marnie Doucette

    My favourite star wars memory was when my family and I went to Disneyland years ago and my sons participated in the awesome jedi training for kids❤

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    My favorite Star Wars memory was last year when my daughter first went to Jedi Training at Walt Disney World. She fought Darth Vader and fell in love with Star Wars. We bought all of the movies when we came home and everything is Star Wars, her bedroom, toys she wants, etc. Her love of Star Wars has has even jumpstarted her career path in writing because she has begun writing Star Wars stories and wants to send them to Disney and Lucas Films.

  5. 6

    Danelle Richardson

    I have so many since Star Wars was my first movie ever but my favorite memory is at Galactic Nights in 2017 I believe. My kids wanted to see the Ewoks so bad and they were on the schedule until 10pm I believe. We finally made it to that aide of the park at 8pm and they were not there. My kids were crying. I was disappointed too. Wicket has always been my favorite as well as Battle of Endor. Wanted to name my daughter Cyndell. Anyway, we refused to leave and a CM had us to go Hyperion Theater. About a half hour later, 4 tiny Ewoks came in and we all cried! Beat day of my life for sure. I’ll always remember that

  6. 5

    Nicole Marie Meola

    My favorite memory is going to dapper day as Rey and my husband as BB8 right after Ep7 came out. And the cutest little girl also dressed up as Rey came up to me and we took pictures together and talked about how cool Rey is. I love the representation we are getting in SW universe now so little kids can grow up with the characters we all know and love with new characters that look like them.

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    My favorite Star Wars memory is when my kids got to meet Darth Vader at Disney World

  8. 3

    Jami Richards

    My favorite Star Wars moment was being 4 years old and my dad taking me to see Return of the Jedi in theaters. I stared wide eyed at that screen every moment. Ever since then I’ve been completely in love with Luke Skywalker. And seeing the new films with my dad when I can just takes me back every time.

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    Cynthia Anderson

    My absolute favorite Star Wars memory is the day my nephew began telling me about all the characters and summarizing all of all the Star Wars movies. Of course, he only likes the Dark Side. Haha

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    My favorite Star Wars memory was seeing my husband sit down to watch an original trilogy movie with our 13 year old and newborn daughters. The movies are timeless and enjoyed by all ages. Cannot wait for GE to open!!!!!!

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