Ample Hills and Marvel Team Up for New Ice Cream Flavors

Ample Hills and Marvel Team Up for New Ice Cream Flavors. As Marvel moves into its 80th anniversary, Ample Hills Creamery is celebrating by introducing 3 new ice cream flavors based off Marvel superheroes: Spider-Man, Captain America, and Black Panther.

“80 years ago, Marvel published their first-ever comic book, “Marvel Comics #1.” Since that legendary day, Marvel’s stories have shown us we can be anyone or do anything—all we have to do is trust in the power within us,” Ample Hills Creamery shared on their website. “We’re proud to celebrate 80 years of Marvel comics with The Marvel Collection 3-Pack. Collaborating with Marvel has been a dream come true for a bunch of comic book fans like us—especially our founder, Brian Smith, a former sci-fi movie writer! With three brand new flavors inspired by Black Panther, Captain America and Spider-Man, The Marvel Collection 3-Pack is a tasty tribute to the stories that show us we can be heroes.”

“To commemorate the 80th anniversary of Marvel Comics, we’ve teamed up with Marvel to churn three brand new flavors inspired by our favorite Super Heroes: Black Panther, Captain America and Spider-Man.”

Ample Hills descriptions for the new ice cream flavors and their inspirations are leaving our mouths watering. “With its stunning black raspberry base, the Black Panther ice cream captures the bright purple color of T’Challa’s Heart-Shaped Herb without using any artificial colors. The Captain America ice cream celebrates Steve Roger’s home of 1940s Brooklyn and the Spider-Man ice cream highlights Peter Parker’s love of his Aunt May and her treasured recipe for cherry pie.”

To celebrate the event even further, Ample Hills has a special surprise for the folks who place the first 500 orders of The Marvel Collection 3-Pack. “In the 80 years of Marvel Comics, so many artists have lent their talent to creating the comic book worlds we love. An outstanding amount of skill goes into making every panel. Our greatest thrill with this collection was to collaborate with Marvel to create original comic panels that wrap around the pint containers. Working closely with Marvel’s Creative Team, our Amployee Forrest used traditional watercolors to capture the retro style of the comic book masters.”

“The first 500 orders will receive a collectable print of The Marvel Collection 3-Pack‘s original artwork.”

To order your own 3-Pack or to find more information on the new Marvel inspired ice cream flavors from Ample Hills Creamery you can check out their website by visiting this link:

Photo Credit: Ample Hills Creamery/Marvel

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