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    Maybe have a pass that doesn’t let you on the rides but just for reservations to eat & shop after 5. Disney is losing out on money from us seniors.

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    It’s not just for locals. I’m a 70 yr old senior who is a DVC member. I can no longer be in the parks all day, nor do I want to. I’ve seen everything 100 times. I would love a pass for 65 and older to start at 5:00. All I would like to do is spend money at one of many Epcot Restaurants and do some shopping in the country’s. I’m sure there are many seniors who feel the same way. I often go for 2 weeks but I’m not going to spend $700.00 on an annual pass just to go to dinner.

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    Great, another devaluation of the Annual Pass for locals (Hey Disney, we go after work, looks like another way to hijack fast passes and ensure long lines)

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