Adopt Your Own Porg Experience May Be Coming to Galaxy’s Edge!

Adopt Your Own Porg Experience

It’s no secret that I adore the cute little creatures from The Last Jedi, Porgs! I can’t help it, their cuteness knows no bounds. Just when I was beginning to think my Porg collection was complete, one of my favorite Disney YouTubers – Mickey Views, released some breaking news that proved me wrong. What else could there possibly be? Well an Adopt Your Own Porg Experience of course!

If it weren’t for the adoptable Banshee toys that debuted with Pandora, I might be skeptical about these. However considering what a smash hit those were, it’s no surprise that a Star Wars themed merchandise experience is in the wings. Brayden goes over material from a source that has access to an Imagineer’s private social media account. This Imagineer has been posting concept art, and images about a new project for this furry little friends. They will supposedly be like Furbies, and you will have to say a pledge just like the Banshees.

Be sure to check out the Mickey Views video below for all of the incredible info and sneak peeks!

I was eagerly awaiting the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge before, now I don’t know how I’m going to handle the anticipation! I’m also very curious as to how they will do variations, if any for these new take home pets too!

Would you participate in an Adopt Your Own Porg Experience? What kind of details are you hoping to see with this new experience?

Source: Mickey Views

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