Ace of Cakes “Duff” pops up in Disney’s ‘You Again’


“Ace of Cakes’ ” Chef Duff just finished a new challenge.

The Food Network star — Jeffrey Adam “Duff” Goldman — created a wild wedding cake for “You Again,” the new Disney comedy, directed by Andy Fickman and currently shooting in and around L.A.

We visited him on the Pasadena set last week. Duff was making a cameo in a wedding shower scene with Kristin Chenoweth, Kristen Bell, Sigourney Weaver, Jamie Lee Curtis and Betty White.

The film is about a girl – played by Bell — who finds out that her brother is unwittingly going to marry her high school nemesis. The girl — played by Odette Yustman —  tortured her throughout high school but sweetly pretends not to remember Kristen at all.

Duff told me that he has become good friends with all the female stars.

Lord only knows how many wedding cakes he will get out of this gig!

According to Disney head Orin Aviv, the idea to get Chef Duff to make the wildest possible cake came up in a meeting as a “what if” idea that popped up in a production meeting.

But they ran with it. And so did Duff.

From his now-legendary Charm City Cakes Baltimore headquarters, Duff worked closely with set designers to concoct an insanely over-the-top cake with a tropical island theme. And then he had it shipped to Disney for the shower scene.

The cake was a huge hit and the scene we watched being taped featured Bell and Yustman squealing and shrieking when being introduced to Chef Duff.

The only downside?

No one could eat the cake after the scene was shot because the main ingredient was Styrofoam.

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