Absolutely Adorable Disney Phone Charger Wraps

Disney Phone Charger Wraps

I love accessorizing with fun Disney accents, and I’m always on the hunt for new fun Disney things for my phone! Disney cases are always easy to find for the iPhone, but man was I surprised when I saw these cute Disney Phone Charger Wraps!

Charger Wraps Deluxe

How can you not love these fun skins that change your plain charger base into an adorable Disney character? You can decorate your phone charger with these heat resistant vinyl skins that are available in 16 different character choices! I really never knew of a way to completely transform my charger base before these. Now my problem is deciding which character I want most. They even come with extra decorative stickers to add a little extra Disney magic to your phone, or other accessories. These aren’t only for iPhones too, which is great. As long as you have a square charging block you can use these! They also pair nicely with these spiral cord protectors!

Available Characters:

Which character will you transform your phone charger base into? I’m having a hard time choosing, but I think I’m leaning towards Donald Duck or the Cheshire Cat Disney phone charger wraps!

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