A Sweet Negotiation at Disney World

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A funny thing happened during my family’s trip to Walt Disney World this past November. We kept running into the same family. Has this ever happened to you? We first met them while they were seated at the table next to us at Le Cellier. A couple days later, we saw them at the entrance to Hollywood Studios. Then, the next day we were honored with their presence again at Downtown Disney. It is funny when that happens, isn’t it?

Whenever we would notice them, someone in my family would call out, “Hey, there’s Jersey!” and they would respond, “Hey, the Sweet’N Low thieves.” It was just a joke among friends, but we had indeed been spotted by them “negotiating” sweet’n low in “the World.”

You see, you can find Splenda, Equal and Sweet’N Low in the world. You just can’t find them all at the same time in the same place, in most cases. Half of my family prefers Sweet’N Low and the other half of us prefer Splenda. So, at least some of us are happy some of the time – just kidding; we are always happy at Walt Disney World!

In all seriousness, though, we were guests of the Contemporary Resort which did not carry Sweet’N Low, so when we ate at Le Cellier, my son would “negotiate” some of it to the Contemporary to put in his coffee the next morning. This might sound silly, but to me it is not as silly as whatever the reason is that Disney just will not carry all three artificial sweeteners at all locations. Isn’t the money all coming from the same source and flowing into the same pile? It seems like certain places would not serve one while other locations serve another.

I would like to pass this message on to the Disney Food and Beverage Management Team: save my family’s reputation; stock the pink stuff! Thank you!

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  1. Too funny! I noticed that I would run into the same few families throughout the day. It would almost seem like we were stalking them!

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