A Ride Wimp’s Guide to Disney World Thrills: Soarin’

While I usually write about affordable Disney vacations, not long ago, I wrote a different kind of article for Chip and Co., about being a Ride Wimp at Disney World: kind of like a Disney Confessional that, yes, I actually hate the idea of Tower of Terror….and a few other rides as well. Turns out, I have a lot of company. 🙂

So, I thought it might be fun to share some ways that Ride Wimps *can* get some thrills at Disney World too. Because, we’re not all slow, boring, “wow-its-a-small-world-rocks” kind of people… We like our excitement too!

And it is actually possible to be a Ride-Wimp and have some thrills.

With that in mind, this week, let me share my all-time favorite ride at Disney World: Soarin’. I sure do love this ride. And many, many other folks do as well, both Ride-Wimps and thrill-seekers alike.

Soarin’ was actually born in Disney’s California Adventure park where it is known as Soarin’ Over California. The premise here is pretty simple: you feel as if you are in a glider, flying over the state of California. The ride proved to be so popular there that Disney decided to create a second version for Epcot, where it currently exists in the Land pavilion.

So what on earth is so great about this ride? I mean, you know what the lines are usually like for Soarin’, right? What makes all those people stand in line for so darned long?

Well it is just very cool, and you really, truly feel like you are…..soaring! Through a mechanism that raises all seats in the auditorium into the air, you then watch an IMAX type movie….up in the air…..feeling as if you are gliding like a bird. Between the breeze that you feel, and the scents of pine trees as you fly over the woods, and oranges as you soar over orange trees, it is the closest that many of us will ever come to actually knowing what it is like to literally fly through the air.

No plane required. 🙂

My words truly do not do it justice at all. You’ll just have to trust me on this one. It’s awesome, it’s amazing, and I really cannot ride this enough. In fact, it’s usually the first ride we do at Epcot every trip as well as the last…and if we can get a FastPass or two, we’re likely to do it a few times more as well. It does not EVER get old for us.

Now having said the part about being raised into the air, if you are a Ride-Wimp with a fear of heights, you may be wondering if you will like this. Well I am not fond of heights at all, and I love it!! Do yourself a favor and give it a try, you will be so glad you did!

Nancy, her husband and college-age daughter live in the Baltimore MD area, but consider Walt Disney World their second “home”. She started her site, The Affordable Mouse, as a way to share ideas about how to plan affordable Disney vacations. Her favorite things at Disney World (in no particular order) are Soarin’, most of the food in World Showcase, Illuminations…and that “Disney magic” found in the most unexpected places.

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